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This program offers small group tutoring and SAT testing techniques and tutoring in math and english for high school students during fall and spring sessions. This program is open to all high school students in Plainfield and surrounding areas.

Spring 2020 SESSION

Classes are from

January 25 - March 28, 2020

Saturdays 10:00am to 1:00pm

For information please send us an email: plainfieldgrassroots@gmail.com

Program Fee: $125.00 per student
Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm
Location: St. Mark's Episcopal Church
Address: 1430 Park Avenue, Plainfield, NJ 07060
For more information, please send an email to: 


Paying by check?
Space is limited. Enrollment is not confirmed until registration fee is paid.
Please make check payable to: Plainfield Grassroots CDC
Mail check to: PO Box 1762, Plainfield, NJ 07060


“I want to thank you all so much for what you do. Volunteering your time to work with our children is a selfless and invaluable act of kindness.  I really believe that my daughter will benefit from the SAT prep classes she attended there with you.  Thanks again so much!


“As a parent, I want to express my gratitude for how this program was handled, I appreciate the volunteers that made out time to come in to lecture my two children every Saturday.  Thank you so much!”


​“David and I would like to thank EVERYONE for volunteering to help our children succeed. We appreciate your time and energy.”


“I would like to tell you that my daughter also enjoys this class.  She has always struggled in school, but she really wants to do better… and she is learning from this program. She is even using the new vocabulary words amongst her friends … she is with 2 others in class, and they are all helping each other.  I am really very impressed by your program … all of you are doing such a wonderful service for the community!  Thank you very much!”


“I am writing to you to say thanks for everything.  I am very thankful that you gave my son a chance to join your class.  My son has told me how wonderful the classes have been, and how much he has learned.  Thank you for being so nice and so helpful and for taking your time to help out.”


​“I am very excited about the SAT course.  I think your introduction to the course “echoed” many things that parents have said to the children and I hope that hearing it from someone else; especially, someone who is volunteering their personal time to help the kids achieve, will reinforce the importance of doing well.  I am very excited and I explained to my son that “he will get out of it what he puts in it,” so to please avail himself of this great opportunity.  Thanks so much to you and the Plainfield Grassroots CDC.”


Our program really works!
Congratulations to Michael and Kevin for scoring a 2180 and a 2300 on the SAT! Great work guys!


This program is great, really helps any High school student prepare for the SAT's. It also allows them to learn at the level that they are comfortable with.Thus I had to tell my brother to take it so he can get a good SAT score. I took this course at Princeton too, but it was very expensive, and I didn't learn that much. But this course really helped me to get a good score. I am now studying at NJIT in Newark. I am majoring in Computer Engineering. 

                                                                                               -Yosoph M.


I enrolled in the PGCDC SAT Prep class during the beginning of my Junior year of high school.  I planned on taking my 1st SAT exam in December.  I have to say that the class is the reason that I did so well on my SAT.  The teachers showed me tips that were not shown in the books; they were encouraging and always pushed us to study harder because they knew about the potential that every student had to score well. They devoted a lot of time to make sure that we understood the material, and they are genuinely kind-hearted people.

Without the class, I would not have scored as well as I did. The indispensable tools given to me during the class actually allowed me to self-study the second time around, where I made a 100 point increase! The class left a long-lasting impression on me, and the lessons I learned helped me in the long run when it came to my SAT. This program should be kept because kids need to learn about the tools that are necessary to score well on the SAT, and they need to have a motivative and supportive group like the PGCDC teachers behind them.  The PGCDC SAT Prep class is trying to help students do their best. Please keep funding it.


I enrolled in the PGCDC SAT Prep class during the fall of junior year of high school. 
I was taking the SAT for the first time in December of my junior year.  The class was a tremendous help in trying to understand the SAT.  The teachers are brilliant and they provided me with tips, ideas, and suggestions that are not found in the SAT prep books.  Going to the class encouraged me to study harder because with my busy schedule, I barely had time to study for SAT's.  However, the class solved that problem because it forced me to make time to study, and not only study, but receive tangible results as well.  Every week I saw myself improving my vocabulary, my timing, and my ability to comprehend the questions.

The fact is that without the class, I would have never understood the SAT to the level that allowed me to score a 2100 in it.  The program should be kept because kids need to achieve high scores in order to stand a chance in today's fast moving and competitive world.  The PGCDC SAT Prep class is trying to help students achieve their full potential.


The class helped me A LOT.  For Math, Mr. McDonald was a great teacher.  From previous years of doing Math in high school, I had the easy and the medium questions down.  He helped me get the hard questions and understand the logic of tackling the hard math questions.  For English, Mrs. Lett was great because she taught me essential writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills.  I think that the most important part was getting familiar with the types of questions.

Before I took the class, I had diagnostic scores from about 1950 to 2050.  After the class, without additional self-studying, I was scoring between 2100 and 2200.  If a student wants to really do well, he or she needs to use the tools given to them.  Three hours on only Saturdays can only push you so far.  The teachers give us the tools for great scores, but it is up to us to use these tools to build success.

“Guess what?  I got into Rutgers School of Engineering and Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences with a full-ride scholarship!  The cutoff for the scholarship was an SAT score of 2250, so I automatically got it!  Rutgers is not my top choice, but it definitely does provide a good backup.”


Thank you for your time and efforts put into helping me get into this program and to better my SAT scores.


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